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The Story Behind The Smoke

About Malek's

Greetings! I’m Malek, our Owner & Operator. I’ve always been committed to growing and smoking only the finest cannabis and am constantly searching for the best strains to enjoy myself and share with my friends. That's why over ten years ago, I moved from Houston to Colorado to pursue a career in the legal cannabis industry and was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor when things were just getting started. I worked my way up from a small organic medical grow to ultimately become the Head of Cultivation at one of the largest recreational operations at the time. During this experience, I became obsessed with the science behind strains, learned all about how to create new genetics, and entered a number of competitions with my own seeds. I've won over 20 international Cannabis Cup awards, working hard to create a line of products I felt worthy of eventually bringing to the consumer market.

In 2019, that dream became a reality when Malek's Premium Cannabis opened its doors as a passion project that has been years in the making. In May of 2023, we launched Malek's Melts, our long-awaited lineup of single-source solventless concentrates. Throughout this growth, our motto has always remained “Flavor First” because everything we do is focused on taste and quality to create the ultimate smoking experience. I truly believe in what I've been able to cultivate and can't wait for you and your loved ones to experience it, too!

Cheers, Malek