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Malek's Exclusive Genetics


Peanut Butter Breath x Açaí Gelato

Got milk? The taste of toking on this strain is just like slurping down the sugary cereal milk at the bottom of a bowl of Reese's Puffs. Black licorice and gelato terps from the Peanut Butter Breath are finished with sweet notes of grape jelly from the Açaí Gelato. Bred by Compound Genetics, our "Kaiser Cut" of this strain from our Owner & Operator is a staff favorite and best-seller here at Malek's!


Do-Si-Dos x Kush Mints

Ego Checker is a solid blend of both its parents: cookie terps from the Do-Si-Dos combine with earthy, kushy notes of Kush Mints. The result is a sweet yet spicy flavor profile with refreshing mint of the nose. Ego Checker is for sure one of the frostiest cultivars we've run yet... she looks like she’s wearing a diamond fur coat during flower, with super swollen trichome heads nearly bursting at the seams.



OG Eddy Lepp x Zkittlez

This strain has got all the gas, with hints of woodsy pine from its OG lineage. It has an invigorating aroma on the nose with initial notes of wet, musky morning grass. This freshness is gradually overpowered by a rubbery funk and sweet, sugary candy from the Zkittlez.


Miami Haze x Cookies n' Cream

Better than your favorite coffee creamer, our cut of Hazelnut hits hard during a wake-and-bake sesh. She's got a bit of a funky flavor profile with rich, buttery notes of toasted hazelnut on the exhale, and pairs perfectly with a hot, frothy latte. This strain starts with a cerebral rush that will have you feeling focused and creative, then settles into a more relaxed mental state as the morning goes on.



Papaya x (Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos)

This cross brings a taste of the tropics that packs a punch of heavy papaya and banana terps. On the exhale, a slight sweetness shines through from those classic cookie terps. This strain is known for its euphoric, relaxing high that feels like sunbathing on a beach chair with your toes in the sand. Our cut comes exclusively from our Malek's Melts lab director!


Gelato 41 x Sherb Bx1

Envy has got those sweet, heavy gelato terps we all know and love with a taste of the tropics from the Sherb Bx1. But in our opinion, it’s that unique cookie and sherb terp combo that really puts this strain over the edge. Known for its balancing effects, Envy creates a mentally relaxed but physically energetic high that’ll help you power through your to-do list with a smile on your face.


Jet Fuel Gelato x Sour Gelato

Get ready for liftoff. Petrol Rainbow is heavy on the funk with notes of gas from the Jet Fuel Gelato. The grow team here at Malek’s nicknamed this one "the Dirty Diaper Pheno,” and if you've ever changed a baby's diaper, you'll get why. The gassy, burnt rubber aromas on this strain are super pungent and can’t be contained, stinking up the entire room when you open the bag.


OG Kush x SFV OG Kush

This strain gets its name from its fiery red hairs and rich amber trichomes at harvest and aroma of burning pine on the exhale. This strain gives a spark of instant cerebral stimulation, getting the creative juices flowing with waves of euphoria before fading into a more couch-locked body high.


Forum GSC x UK Cheese

Cookies n' Cheese crosses genetics from the infamous Forum GSC x UK Cheese. She gives off a funky aroma of freshly grated parmesan cheese.


OG Kush x SFV OG

Larry OG is great for a morning smoke with a potent yet relaxed body buzz that still allows you to get things done, so toke up and grab your to-do list! Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma with slight notes of lemon. We've won a number of international Cannabis Cup awards with this strain, including:

First Place 2016 Denver Cannabis Cup Indica Flowers 

First Place 2014 Amsterdam International Cannabis Cup Hybrid Flowers

First Place 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup Indica Flowers

Second Place 2015 Jamaica International Cannabis Cup Non-Solvent Hash

Second Place 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup Indica Flowers


Y x Snowman

Our take on the classic Gary Payton strain has a strong diesel flavor that turns slightly herbal on the exhale. She's super smooth on the lungs and creates an even-keeled high ideal for day or night.


Hardcore OG x Açaí Gelato

Fresh, floral notes from the Açaí Gelato are beautifully balanced with some skunk from the Hardcore OG. The flavor on this one will remind you of pulling a fresh, crunchy English muffin out of the toaster and smothering it with sweet grape jam. It's the sister strain of Panda Puffs, an in-house favorite and our best seller here at Malek's, so she's sure worth sparking up!


Gelato 33 x Zkittlez

Runtz your life up with our Space City Syrup! Our take on the classic Runtz strain is what we like to call "dessert weed." The Zkittlez certainly overpowers this cross with its fruity, candy terps. The effects of this strain are sure to leave you with a smile on your face, just like that perfectly indulgent dessert to cap off a perfect meal.





Animal Mintz x Kush Mintz 11

Mr. Suds will leave you feeling ohhhh so fresh and so clean with a scent crisper than a new bar of soap. The double-cross of mint makes your nose tingle on the inhale, while cookie terps from the Kush Mints create a creamy, milky flavor profile — much like the thick smoke she produces on the exhale. 


Chemdawg x Super Skunk

There's not much that needs to be said about this classic strain. Our cut of Sour Diesel gives off a pungent smell of diesel fumes with cerebral, energizing effects.




Gelato 45 x Gelato 45

Gelato 45.1 is obviously super heavy on the gelato terps with subtle secondhand hints of pepper, pine, and mint. She's known to make you sociable after sparking up, bringing on fits of what we like to call "the gelato giggles."

The Genetic Vault

Our core lineup of in-house genetics is always evolving, as our expert grow team constantly pheno hunts and searches for new strains to add to the rotation. Here are some of our favorites from the vault!


Animal Mintz x Bubba Kush

Kush Mintz has a complex flavor profile with mint and cookie terps, creating a taste similar to mint chocolate chip ice cream in a crispy waffle cone. While the taste is ultra sweet, the scent is on the spicier side with hints of zesty citrus, woodsy pine, and fresh spearmint.


Zkittlez x Watermelon

Think of the sour crystals on a sour watermelon gummy, and that's what Watermelon Zkittlez tastes, looks, and smells like! She's got fresh, tangy notes of juicy, ripe watermelon and wears those frosty trichomes just like a coat of sour crystals.  Don't sleep on the sour.


Strawberry Banana x XJ-13

This sativa-dominant hybrid is an in-house cross, bred by our Owner & Operator. During flower, she really does smell just like a Strawberry Slurpee from the corner gas station. Nostalgic, hazy notes from the XJ-13 are paired with uplifting and fruity flavors from the Strawnana. The strawberry sure outshines the banana in this cut, with heavy notes of ripe berries. She pairs well with outdoor activities, creating a euphoric, active high that's great for an afternoon adventure or walk through nature.


Chem's Sister x Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubb

If gas is what you want, gas is what we've got! GG#4 goes hard in the paint and is our take on the classic Gorilla Glue. Coco undertones, sweet diesel gas, and sour candy notes all come together to give this legendary strain a truly unique flavor profile.


Skywalker OG x Pineapple Chunk

This strain was bred by our Owner & Operator and earned Bountiful Farms a second-place win in the 2021 Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup. She gives off a super sweet smell from the Pineapple Chunk, as well as Haze from the OG. Piña Grande creates a cerebral high that isn't too overpowering, so she's a great sativa for daytime smoking.


Lemonnade x Gelato 42 x London Poundcake 97

Panther Piss packs a punch with fresh citrus from the Lemonnade, sweet cookies from the London Poundcake 97, and heavy gas from the Gelato 42. These notes all come together to create a lemon and lime aroma reminiscent of that crisp OG smell — just like the fizz when you crack open a fresh can of Sprite. An underlying aroma of acetone is where Panther gets its "piss."


GG#4 x Cookies & Cream

Our RO cut of Grease Monkey crosses GG#4 and Cookies n Cream, resulting in rich nutty notes and creamy vanilla terps. Finished with a nice hint of gas, she reminds us of salted Oreo ice cream.


Grape Gasoline x Project 4516

Marcy's Projext's #4 has a unique scent of funky flowers and gelato from the Project 4516, paired with fruit and gas from the Grape Gasoline. If you're a fan of grape candy, you'll love the sweet, juicy flavors bursting out of this strain. She's got euphoric yet calming qualities, creating an even-keeled experience that can be enjoyed any time of day.


London Pound Cake x Kush Mints

London Pound Mintz truly smells like a fresh slice of warm lemon pound cake coming out of the oven. She also gives off notes of sweet mint and gas on the backend from the Kush Mints cross. This is a heavily sought-after strain that doesn't come around in our rotation often, but when it does, she sure is a crowd-pleaser!


Sour Kush x Chem 4

Quarantine Kush is a well-balanced hybrid with an old-head type of smoke. This cut was made by our Owner & Operator in collaboration with Breckenridge Organic Therapy and The Cali Connection. Heavy chem notes from Chem 4 are paired with a sour sharpness, translating to a strong gas smell on the exhale. She's surely the best thing to come out of quarantine!